Certified Fodder Seed

Foragen is also the largest producer of high-quality certified seeds for forage crops. The company has more than.seed production units and five exclusive seed processing plants with a capacity of 18000 MT to processing and packaging facilities.

The Company follows meticulous quality control standards from production to packaging and is authenticated for quality by Government Certification Agencies. Foragen is the first Indian company to introduce certified forage Sorghum and ‘African Tall’ forage maize in trade.

Foragen Products :

Perennial Sorghum : Infinity

Sweet Sorghum : Honey Pot

Multicut Bajra : Millet Max

Fodder Cow Pea : Climber

Perennial Lucerne : Max-Pro

Fodder Oats : Pro Leaf

Fodder Maize : African Giant

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