Foragen is new age global forage company with strong portfolio for all fodder segments and wide farmer requirements. Company corporate office is at Hyderabad and registered office at Bellary. Foragen is fresh look of M/S. Malleshwara Agro services Pvt. Ltd established in the year 2014.Foragen has been recognised in industry as one of the best forage seed producer. Even though forage Seed production is very tough with limited resources in area like Bellary Foragen is producing 12000 Mt of forage seed in various fodder crops every year. This made Foragen as No.1 Forage seed producer in India. Strong relationship growers and technical know-how in seed production and rich experience team in Foragen made the success. Earlier Foragen focussed on customised fodder seed production for many private and public seed companies for many year and now started brand business in 2019. Quality Forage seed availability in Asian and African countries is biggest challenge for the dairy industry. This opportunity in India and nearby continents are evaluated by Foragen team and built a robust product line-up for domestic and export business. Foragen focusses on quality seed at affordable price and timely availability to the dairy farmer. Foragen focusses domestic in first 2 years and then export business. The biggest strength of Foragen is Sorghum products which are starting from 3 Kg for 1 dollar to 10 dollars per 1 kg. Scientifically evaluated nutrition values and ergonomically proven yield products introduced. Foragen created world class communication media – Facebook/ website and mobile application which enables to educate all stakeholders like farmers, nutritionists, trade partners and industry colleagues. Commercial line-up launched in January 2019 in India and made available for the world.

Foragen Supply Chain is very strong having direct connections and relations with 6000 growers in seed production. All seed production plots were very equipped with all resources like water, inputs and skilled people. Production team has rich experience in the field for 20 years and consistently delivering the quality seed on time. Foragen group have 5 processing plants with latest processing technologies. Foragen produces quality seed and process the seed with all required chemical and organic seed treatment products as per the requirement. Forage processing plant is the largest seed processing plant in India runs on Solar Power. All plant roofs were installed solar panels to produce 700 KW power.

Foragen Research and Development team is very focussed on Sorghum and Millet crops, breeding activities and product development was started and going well. Access to different ICAR Research Agencies and private companies making Foragen strong in developing forage Hybrids.

Team Foragen is fully trained and educated on forage crops and exclusive team available for enquires and advises to the farmers. Foragen has 24 front end and 45 back end team working for quality product delivers at farmer door step with technical support. Farmers can buy seed form local seed stores or Foragen mobile application downloading from google play store. Or even buy from our online business partner

Our Dynamic Team

K. Anil Kumar Reddy

MD and Co-Founder

K. Anil Kumar Reddy is master in forage seed production. At just 38 years of age he became eminent forage seed producers in India. His 20 years of experience made Foragen as India’s largest forage seed producing company in India. His commitment towards quality seed production and on time delivery made Foragen as one of the favourite seed company for many companies and government agencies. Anil Reddy has very good relation with many dairy farmers and Private Seed companies. Anil Reddy become part in his family seed production business which was 40 years old in 1997. In starting days, himself did seed production in more than 100 acres, Expertise in many crops starting from open pollinated crop to latest single cross hybrids. Because of his own farming he experienced many

problems that farmer faces in field and did experiments in seed production to cut down the production cost which enables to supply quality seed at affordable cost. Today Anil Reddy contributing to Forage seed industry with 5540 acres of quality production. Because of good genetics quality production Anil Kumar Reddy is able to export Sorghum seed to many countries. ICAR institute “Indian Institute of Millet Research” Hyderabad felicitated Mr. Anil Kumar Reddy for his contribution in Forage Sorghum. Millet promotion, Production and marketing in the public domain. Seed quality and timely availability is the success of any govt. fodder development scheme. Last 10 years Anil Kumar Reddy is supplying fodder seed to many state government subsidy programs.

Prabhakar Babu. Gunturu

CEO and Co-Founder

Prabhakar Babu. Gunturu is Post Graduate diploma holder in Animal Nutrition and Dairy Technology along with bachelor degree in agriculture and Sciences. He is the one of the first member who got Certified Farm Advisor – Forages accreditation from MANAGE (ICAR) Hyderabad. He is 45 years’ of age and has 21 years of rich experience in agri. input industry and 10 years of forage industry experience. He was part of UPL and Advanta team for 20 years. His tenure in Advanta, Introduced many high yield and high nutritive forage products in India and other global forage markets. He is guest lecture in many govt. research institutes, Universities and private companies. Mr. Prabhakar is the key person behind commercial Silage baling technology introduction in India which is now almost 3000 cr. Business opportunity.

He is well known person in forage industry as well as dairy industry as technical consultant. He promotes balanced diet forage feeding which controls all expenses and keeps animals healthy. Thus dairy industry can be profitable and small farmer’s livelihood secured. India is rich crop museum where 365 days we can get crops with all essential nutrients for fodder purpose. Objectifying the gaps in fodder production and educating the dairy industry is the major activity. Legume and Cereal fodder growing as double crops is the latest trend that team Prabhakar has taken up and motivating the industry towards the goal. This will be benefiting the farmers and soil. Mr. Prabhakar Babu received prestigious awards from private seed industry and government research agencies and Farmer groups for his contribution in introduction of new generation crops for dairy animals.

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