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Foragen Seeds Private Limited is one of its kind seed company based in India with rich experience in fodder seed production and distribution. It is recognized as India’s No. 1 forage seed producer, with 12000 MT seed production in 8 different fodder crops.


Develop sustainable forage seed and fodder technologies to enrich the farmer and contribute to a healthy nation.


Create clean and nonabrasive fodder and seed technologies for the farmer to maximize yield and profitability.

Crop Varieties


Sorghum is the most important forage crop of the country. It can be grown over a wide range of soils in central, western and southern India.

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Pearl millet is important forage of tropical climate grown over a wide range of soils. It is nutritious and palatable and can be fed as green,

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Maize (corn)

Maize is an ideal forage crop grown throughout the country. It is quick growing, high yielding and provides palatable and nutritious forage

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Legumes are very important in animal fodders. India has rich diversity in forage legume crop genetics. Season based legume crops are available in India

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Specialty Crops

Bio-Fortified crops

Bio-Fortified crops are breeding intervention. Biofortified crops generated by different

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Green Manure Crops

green manure crops are grown in the field itself either as a pure crop or as intercrop

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Lawns & Turfs

The available products in lawans & Turfs Lawn King, Green Carpet, Super Turf

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