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Crop/ Design S.No Hybrid/ Segment Brand Tag Available Key Attributes
Legumes 1 Hedge Lucerne Hedge Pro TL Perennial. Best for Goats and Sheeps
Grazing & Range Grass 2 Rhodes Grass Rhodes TL Perennial Grass seeds. Range & Pasture
3 Tall Fescue Tall Fescue TL Perennial for hill region. Excellent fodder quality
4 Sewan Grass Sewan Grass TL Perennial. Best suitable for dry areas and deserts
5 Sateria Grass Sateria TL Perennial. Excelelnt for central and southern India
6 Brachiaria Grass Brachiaria TL Perennial. Good for grazing and pasture cutivation
7 Rye Grass - Grazing (P) Graze King TL Suitable for himalayan ranges and cool areas.

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