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Indian dairy industry is the largest in the world today and has been for many decades now with very high livestock incidence. The conventional and rustic methods of animal feeding and grazing techniques has consistently widened the fodder deficit from 25% to more than 60%.

The Company

Foragen – The Global Forage Company, is set to provide a sustainable fodder production system and suitable patterns that can alleviate the dairy Industry and place the country on a trajectory growth path.

Foragen Seeds Private Limited, is one of its kind seed company based in India with rich experience in fodder seed production and distribution. It is recognized as India’s No. 1 forage seed producer, with 12000 MT seed production in 8 different fodder crops which is incidentally the highest forage production in India by any single company.

  • Foragen also provides fodder production-based solutions to dairy farmers for their profitability.
  • Timely availability of quality fodder seed to the farmer is the biggest concern in India. Foragen bridges is set to bridge this gap with ease and confidence.
  • Foragen Product Portfolio concentrates on the best nutrition to dairy animals.
  • Foragen Fodder Solutions focusses on cost effective balanced diet for animals’ holistic development.
  • The Company provides Seed, Seed Technology, Fodder production and Fodder Conservation Technologies for dairy farmers.
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