Bio Fortified crops

Bio-Fortified crops are breeding intervention. Biofortified crops generated by different approaches: transgenic, agronomic, and breeding. Staple cereals, most common vegetables, beans, and fruits have been targeted by all three approaches. Some crops have been targeted by only one or two approaches depending on its significance and prevalence in the daily human diet. Fortification is the practice of deliberately increasing the content of an essential micronutrient, i.e. vitamins and minerals (including trace elements) in a food, so as to improve the nutritional quality of the food supply and provide a public health benefit with minimal risk to health.

  1. Iron-bio fortification of rice, beans, sweet potato, cassava and legumes.
  2. Zinc-bio fortification of wheat, rice, beans, sweet potato and maize.

Bio fortification is the process by which the nutritional quality of food crops is improved through agronomic practices, conventional plant breeding, or modern biotechnology. Bio fortification differs from conventional fortification in that bio fortification aims to increase nutrient levels in crops during plant growth rather than through manual means during processing of the crops. Bio fortification may therefore present a way to reach populations where supplementation and conventional fortification activities may be difficult to implement and/or limited.

  1. Pro-vitamin A carotenoid-bio fortification of sweet potato, maize and cassava, and
  2. Amino acid and protein-bio fortification of sorghum and cassava.

Proto-Bean – High Protein Beans

  1. High protein beans is new generation high yield and rich protein beans
  2. Proto-Bean can be for human consumption as well as animal consumption
  3. High Protein Beans are indeterminate which goes hand in hand with any cereal crop.
  4. Double benefit – Protein and Soil enrichment

Iron Man –Iron and Zinc enriched pearl

  1. Iron and Zinc enriched pearl millet
  2. Iron-Man is hybrid grows very well in dry land and Saline soils
  3. Iron-Man can be excellent fit for human consumption and fodder for animals
  4. Iron-Man grown very well in low fertile soil and with less water
  5. No Pest and No Disease pressure. No need of pesticide application

DrumStick –Fodder and vegetable

  1. DrumStick is a dual purpose crop
  2. DrumStick is Moringa crop used as bund crop and main crop
  3. DrumStick medicinal values and high nutritive values are very well recognised in recent days
  4. Farmers can grow this crop as solo or inter crop or bund crop
  5. DrumStick is excellent food crop from humans and fodder crop for animals
  6. Medicinal values of the crop is very helpful in controlling many disorders in animals and helpful in milk production increase.