Commercial Silage production is technology of storing fodder to retain its green biomass and restore the freshness, moisture and nutritive values. This can alter the availability of fresh fodder in perennially dry locations, seasonal shortages and areas with poor soil conditions. Global silage crops are high grain yield corn and sorghum. Silage is used for high yielding animals (20 to 50 lts). Foragen offers world’s best high yielding Corn and Sweet Sorghum for silage making –

Corn Hybrids with major grain share in biomass and BMR sorghums with more grain. With Foragen BMR sorghums and corn, the farmers will be able to produce high yield with limited resources like irrigation and fertilizers. Indian farmers can now export bail silage using Foragen hybrids with different maturity days. The maturity windows will help farmers optimize their resources for efficiency and high yield.