Perennial Crops

While cultivated fodders are suitable for irrigated lands, Perennial fodders and seed propagative forage crops are more in demand by small and marginal dairy farmers for low sowing costs, high nutritive value, balanced diet for the cattle, lesser side effects on the land and a continuous supply of fodder. Some crops are harvested many times within a year. Some Perennial crops survive multiple harvests for more than 10 years at a stretch.

As a prestigious project Foragen has launched first ever Perennial Sorghum for Indian cultivation called ‘Infinity’ which yields multiple harvests with 30 days interval for more than three years.

Max-Pro is a perennial Alfalfa/ Lucerne variety that produces high protein legume for balanced and fortified diet of the animals. They aid in providing fresh fodder all through the year for dairy animal stock.

Forgen Perennial Products
Perennial guinea grass : Super Mumbasa
Perennial chicory : Chicklet
Perennial fodder sorghum : Infinity
Perennial Lucerne : Max-Pro