• To make dairy farming profitable to the farmer.
  • Develop sustainable forage seed and fodder technologies to enrich the farmer and contribute to a healthy nation.
  • Identify and develop healthy and viable farm technologies which will directly and dynamically impact the economy and populace.


  • Create Clean And Nonabrasive Fodder And Seed Technologies For The Farmer To Maximize Yield And Profitability.
  • Develop Technologies That Provide Maximum Benefits And Returns For The Finite And Ever.
  • Shrinking Space Across The Globe.
  • Committed To Protect The Environment, Ecologies And Fragile Earth And Its Resources.

Animal First

The Reasons That You Should Contact Us

Foragen Seeds Private Limited is one of its kind seed company based in India with rich experience in fodder seed production and distribution. It is recognized as India’s No. 1 forage seed producer, with 12000 MT seed production in 8 different fodder crops.