Fresh Fodders
Fresh fodder is a natural feed for all animals. While natural forages are rich in nutrition, minerals and energy, they spell a clear profitability to the farmer. Quality fresh fodder with substantial dry matter reduces cost of milk production by 30% to 40% in current Indian context.

Availing the latest crop breeding technologies, Foragen has introduced high yield, high in nutrition and high in digestion forage crops suitable for Indian Dairy Industry.

Equipped with Foragen seed, the farmer is capable of producing larger quantity of forage per acre and can feed larger number of cattle with little area to spare.

Test statistics prove that by using Foragen seed, farmer can bring down the production cost to below 20ps per kilogram of fodder. The Company offers a wide range of varieties that are suitable for varied season and soil compatibility.

Foragen Products
Green fodder : Fat Boy, Infinity,  BoltWonder LeafRaftar, Max-Pro
Hay : InfinityHariyaliMax-Pro
Dual purpose fodder : Honey PotSweet SpotRobust
Perennial crops : Infinity, Super Mumbasa, Max-Pro
Protein rich crops : Wonder LeafRaftarClimberMax-ProBar Bar