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  • Max-Pro is a perennial Lucerne
  • Max-Pro gives upto 30 cuts with high yield
  • Maximum digestable Protein and more palatable
  • Tolerance to root rot and No Endophyts
  • Healthy animals and profitable dairy farm


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Max-Pro Crop Agronomy

Crop Segment Perennial Alfalafa (Lucerne)
Foragen BrandMax-Pro
Packing Available In Kg1
Seed Rate Per Acre/ KgSolo Crop8
Seed Rate Per Acre/ KgMixed Crop4
Sowing PeriodWinter,Rabi
Spacing45 X 25 Cm
Fertiliser - Kg Per AcreFYM 5000
Fertiliser - Kg Per AcreN20
Fertiliser - Kg Per AcreP30
Fertiliser - Kg Per AcreK15
After Cut N Per Acre/Kg10
No. Cuts30
Cutting Interval30 Days
Avg. Yield / Ac - Mt8 To 10 Mt
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