• Sugar bowl is high nutritional high yield fodder beet
  • Green fodder from leaves and sugar beet from beet a dual beneficial fodder crop
  • Excellent soluble sugars to increase milk production and improves animal health
  • High minerals and amino acids results in better health
  • Best suitable for across india cultivation in winter season


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Crop Segment Fooder Beet
Foragen BrandSugar Bowl
Packing Available In Kg50 Gram
Seed Rate Per Acre/ KgSolo Crop1
Seed Rate Per Acre/ KgMixed Crop*
Sowing PeriodSep To Dec
Spacing30 X 15 Cm
Fertiliser - Kg Per AcreFYM5000
Fertiliser - Kg Per AcreN75
Fertiliser - Kg Per AcreP100
Fertiliser - Kg Per AcreK25
After Cut N Per Acre/Kg*
No. Cuts1
Cutting Interval*
Avg. Yield / Ac - Mt30 Mt

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